This is my tribute to Ghostbusters. I decided to mix Slimer´s movie version with Slimer´s cartoon version.
In this image, our favorite ghost was caught in someone´s kitchen. Hope you liked it.

BlackSmith Project - Cyclop

This last month we´ve been working in a new project, "cyclop". Final movie and making of will be online soon.

Here it is the final movie and makingof of cyclop project

Online Videos by

Online Videos by


Modeling: Rafael Grassetti
Rigging: Ehsan Kiani
Animation: Gabriel Prezoto
Texturing/Rendering: Carlos Florencio

It was an honor being part of this project. I can´t wait to do more projects with my friends!

Epic - WIP

This high detailed model is an element for Epic image.
Pirate - WIP

I´m working on this model to practice my animation skills on it.